Redfield Collision does not believe in close enough we believe only in perfection. If you are not satisfied with a step in the process or the finished product our guarantee is to make it right no matter what it takes. It has been said Greg Redfield and team set the standard for excellence.

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Quality Workmanship

Owner Greg Redfield has spent a lifetime developing a collision repair experience that is second to none, and with highly trained employees and extremely motivated with service in mind, it is no wonder that Redfield Collision Center has been a leader in the collision industry for over 36 years.

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Excellent Service

The staff at Redfield Collision Center can take care of all your needs. From the initial estimate, arrangement of your rental car, communicating with your insurance company, cleaning and returning your car to you in its pre-loss condition- Redfield Collision Center is your one stop shop!

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Our Services

If you’ve been in an accident and your vehicle is damaged, we are your one-stop shop. If you think that all collision repair facilities were created equal, think again! Redfield Collision Center, with its I-Car certified technicians, state-of-the-art equipment, clean, organized environment, and professional, friendly staff; we are not your average “body shop”, we are an investment protection firm! Redfield Collision Center will return your vehicle to its pre-loss condition with the highest quality standards in the industry and we work with all insurance companies in the market.
Minor dings and dents can be a real eye-sore to a vehicle owner- or potential buyer- but the cost of conventional repair may be more than most are willing to spend for something so small and many choose to just “live with it”. There is another option. Paint-less Dent Repair, or P.D.R., is the process in which specialized tools are used to access the backside of the damaged panel and, very carefully, push the dent to an even plane.
It is our belief at Redfield Collision Center that the quality of a vehicle’s overall appearance is as important as the look of the work that we’ve done in restoring your vehicle to it’s pre-loss condition. Our professional detail department is considered to be just as important as any other when it comes to delivering perfection quality and service like no other. These car wash packages are available for purchase without the need for technical repairs.
Are your headlamps “fogged” over from years of exposure to the sun? Or have you had an accident that requires the replacement of one headlight and the other pales in comparison? Do you have to turn your lights to the bright setting only to see as far as you used to at the dim setting? We can help. We offer a low cost remedy for this problem in which we use a six step process to bring the clarity of your headlamp lens to its best possible condition, saving you time and money. Get the best performance from your existing lenses with our Headlamp Restoration service.
Wheels, tires and proper steering alignment on both the front and rear of your vehicle have a tremendous impact on its drivability and safety. In fact, tires have been one of the most major causes of accidents that the government imposed that a TPMS ( Tire Pressure Monitor System) be installed on all vehicles produced after 2007.

We offer quality services to fit your automotive needs.

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