Wheels and Tires


Wheels, tires and proper steering alignment on both the front and rear of your vehicle have a tremendous impact on its drivability and safety. In fact, tires have been one of the most major causes of accidents that the government imposed that a TPMS ( Tire Pressure Monitor System) be installed on all vehicles produced after 2007.

Wheels: Have to be solid (no cracks, chips or imperfections) and of course without any slight bends that would cause the wheel to be out of round.

Tires: Tires are one of the most important parts on a vehicle that often get overlooked. Each vehicle has a tire specification from the manufacturer usually located on the driver’s door or door jam. We always recommend keeping the exact same size and style of tire on your vehicle that the factory recommended. Tire pressure and tire rotation are the two most important things to have serviced to achieve the most value and miles from your tires. Tires that are more than 4 years old, regardless if they should have low mileage, tend to “harden” as the rubber ages. This makes the tire almost impossible to balance, often causes the tire to become loud (you may hear a roar sound) and highly affects the ride and drivability of your vehicle.

If the tire tread depth is too low 4/32 or less, your tire should be replaced. You lose all the ability for your tire to have any traction especially in snow or rain.

If you want your vehicle to ride and drive like a new vehicle, it is worth putting on a good set of new tires.

Wheel Alignment: Many believe that wheel alignment only pertains to the front wheels. Not true. All four wheels have to be in proper alignment for the vehicle to track properly and perform safely. At Redfield Collision Center we use only Hunter Computer Alignment Equipment (a trusted leader in the industry) to insure that all vehicles are back in factory specifications. We use computer print outs prior to and after the alignment process to verify that the vehicle is in exact standards.